Cinco Deseos  Ranch

Livestock Guardian Dogs

BELOW ARE PHOTOS OF ALL THE SPANISH MASTIFFS I HAVE HAD OVER THE YEARS - Some have gone over the rainbow bridge (see "In Memory" page). I've had some of the finest, most beautiful and largest SM in the country with impeccable work ethics and stable temperaments. I was the first to bring over several rare Bloodlines. Frequently asked questions are below. PLEASE READ THEM!

Happy to announce that both Hercules del Viejo Paramo and Cinco Deseos Ranch Gwangi - who are on track to be bred early next year - are having their hips officially tested and OFA rated! Yessi Tornado Erben as well! Yessi will be bred to my stud Furiano de Puerto Canencia. ***Note: you can get a really good look at my sM in the Dogumentary TV special on the Spanish Mastiff. Hercules' pedigree is here.  Gwangi is out of my "G" Litter, Furiano de Puerto Canencia x Tioda de Abelgas.

I'm getting many queries for SM, and here are answers to the most asked questions. I'm currently the ONLY SM breeder in the USA OFA certifying their Spanish Mastiffs, and have been the only one for several years now.

My Bloodlines: I've imported a total of 12 SM to America over the years. - many firsts!

Abelgas - Spain I was the first to import Abelgas (3) dogs to America.

Dartibo - Czech Republic Again the first and only to bring this bloodline over.

Lu Dareva - Poland The first to bring this line over.

Viejo del Paramo - Spain The first to bring this bloodline over.

Puerto Canencia - Spain The first to bring this bloodline over (2).

Tornado Erben - Czech Republic I have brought over 4 dogs from this kennel in CZ.



Spanish Mastiff puppies: Price: $1500 (NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit of $750 due when pups born; Balance due at 8 weeks) PUPS leave here at 12 weeks. Anyone needing me to keep them here longer may do so. I charge nominal fee for food costs, de-worming, vaccinations if needed, extended training. For long term training of a pup here in my pack before it comes to you, contact me for details. My expertise in pack rearing these dogs pays off with rock solid work ethics and dogs who are seriously ready to work for you.

NO air shipping, to anywhere.   You must come to my ranch to meet me, the pack , and pick up pup(s). If you do not own an LGD and have livestock I will not sell you a single/solo pup - you must buy two. LGDs should never be used alone. They are pack animals. Run them in pairs, trios, quads or more. I have used ground transportation in the past but it is costly. It will be YOUR responsibility to pay for and make all arrangements ahead of time for this. I must approve of the transporter, i.e., they must be a reputable, safe, trusted professional. If something happens to the pup on it's way to you via transport I am not responsible for it. So choose wisely!

All puppy vaccinations included. My pups leave at 12 weeks of age.  Professional health records included which show every date of every vaccination (4) and dewormings (from time eyes open, every 10-12 days with Pyrental and Valbazen done before pup leaves ranch for tapeworms.) Microchipped upon buyer's request. Health replacement guarantee (see below.) Vet checked before leaving my ranch.

Pups handled from birth and uniquely pack raised.  No "Disneyland LGDs" raised here! Never only penned up for weeks in livestock, my pups have access to my entire ranch and are exposed to everything that goes with it.  They have proven track records of being exceptionally confident, self assured, and smart.

APPLICATION: You must complete an application and include photos with your application.  Take your time, do it well - first impressions are everything and if your application comes off slap-dash, I won't respond. I WILL call your references and ask around about you, and if you've already got LGDs, from whom they came, etc., so plan on being honest with me.

Working homes always given preference because my working lines do best as LGDs, not pets.

100% health & work guarantee/replacement guarantee; lifetime breeder support as long as customer stays in touch as required. My pups are pack raised in cattle and sheep (and goats when I have a few of them around); in 2018 I'm hoping to start raising some quail and my pups will have exposure to them, too. My pups have run of the ranch and are exposed to all that comes with it. They leave here exceptionally confident, self-assured, healthy and ready to assimilate into their new homes.  I strongly promote running sibling pairs. See my Spanish Mastiff Blog for posts on the strength and smarts in running and using sibling groups of pups.

SM are very slow to mature. Don't buy one expecting it to be completely grown and working by 2 years old. They can grow until they are 4 years old. This breed is NOT the best choice or answer for everyone. The breed does shed (twice a year), DROOLS - alot, eats a large amount of quality dog food, and is not cheap to own and keep healthy. Please do your research before buying. You may do better with a faster maturing breed or smaller, lighter type of LGD that is more quick on it's feet. This blog post discusses the differences and similarities between SM and Pyrenean Mastiffs. READ IT, and all the other posts I have posted on the SM breed over several years. Also watch the videos and You Tubes on this website about SM, about my LGD rearing philosophy and dogs, and PM and Pyrenees as well. I am very forthcoming about the pros and cons of this breed and am not in any hurry or need to sell puppies to just anyone.

My SM are working all over the USA and my bloodlines are in 80% of the country now. Excellent references available, of course. There is a reason why my dogs are so coveted and my breeding program and methodology copycatted by "newbie" breeders: find out for yourself by owning an original...