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The Shepherds Life is a wonderful book - I strongly recommend reading it!

FISH OIL is a great supplement for your dogs. Read more about it here.

I swear by Musher's Secret salve for my dog's feet in the cold of winter.  Helps heal cut feet and keeps ice build up from happening as much in the snow.

Mathieu Mauries farm and LGD operation in France, Du Hogan des Vents can be accessed by clicking the photo above of his Great Pyrenees and goats.

Why you don't shave long haired LGDs! S A great dog hair chart, right, courtesy of Riverside Grooming, Riverside, CA

Bone broth recipe can be found here.  Nutritious and tasty for your dogs - and lots of health benefits!

I am honored to call Gregorio Fidalgo Tejedor of Abelgas a mentor and a friend.  I was the first and only American allowed to bring his dogs here from Spain and have imported three from his world famous lines.  My litters now all carry Abelgas bloodlines and superior working instinct, combined with my other top bloodlines.

What Tom and Bill Dorrance did for the horse, Turid Rugaas has done for the dog.  I insist my pup and dog owners and buyers buy and read her books to increase their understanding of LGDs and dogs in general.

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Winnemucca, NV Hotels, Motels, Restaurants

The Martin Hotel - Famous Basque Food

Scott's Shady Court - Vintage Auto Court Motel

Best Western Gold Country Inn

Travel Nevada

Retrieverman is one of my favorite bloggers.  Like myself, he takes no prisoners, and calls them as he sees them - a bold uniqueness in these days ruled by "The Pussy Generation" who is more bent on being politically correct than facing up to hard facts and truths....The link above is one of his hard hitting posts exposing a puppy mill run by Anne Latimer Goetz, notorious for pumping out sickly, stunted Spanish Mastiffs and grotesque Neo's.  Do you feel lucky, punks?

Mathieu Mauries' wonderful book on Great Pyrenees is now out in France and I am proud to have contributed several papers to it.  Contact Mathieu via his website link, above, for your copy.

For most of 2015 and into 2016 I was under contract with American Sheep Industry owned companies to develop the Working Dog Liability Insurance program available to ASI members.  I wrote two loss prevention manuals for it.  Its a great and affordable liability insurance program tailored especially for Livestock Guardian Dogs and Herding Dogs used by sheep goat and cattle producers.

I feed my pack all life stages, 4 star rated Victor Professional Super Premium Dog Food

Click on Troy's grandfather above, to be taken to the Farma Stekot website in Czech Republic.

Tornado Erben's website in the Czech Republic can be accessed by clicking on the photo of Int. Ch. Quanto above.

For when your beloved pet or working LGD passes: A Beloved Friends Pet Cremaory in Reno, NV offers affordable, quality care for pet companions. The first pet crematory in the nation to be accredited by The International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories.

In the late 1970's I was honored to meet and learn from Tom Dorrance when he came to stay and help us start colts at a ranch I was living and working on in Idaho.  His groundbreaking way with horses influenced my understanding and training of horses for the rest of my life, much like Turid Rugaas dog training methods have.

RANGE Magazine did a feature on my LGDs and ranch once.  It's the undisputed "Voice of The West", above.

A wonderful resource for learning how to live with and care for your older dog can be found here at the Old Dog Haven website.

This page is here to give credit to and thanks to the people who inspired or mentored me, and the breeders who gave me my start.  it is also to share links and resources I have found useful. click on the photos to be taken to the sites of fellow breeders, mentors, organizations, groups and products that I support and/or use.

Carl Safina's book Beyond Words is a must read; click on the photo left to be taken to his website.  The chapter on wolves will - to use an over-used term - blow your mind.  I've exchanged E-mails with Carl about wolf pack behavior similarities with a large pack of Livestock Guardian Dogs.  Another wonderful article by Carl Safina: Tapping Your Inner Wolf, published in the New York Times, June 5, 2015, can be read here.

Cinco Deseos  Ranch

Livestock Guardian Dogs