Cinco Deseos Ranch

Livestock Guardian Dogs

Brenda M. Negri - Winnemucca, Nevada, USA

Est. 2009

Cinco Deseos Ranch Gwangi
Whelped 4/1/2015 in Litter “G” on my ranch
Both parents imported from Spain
Furiano de Puerto Canencia x Tioda de Abelgas

Available to the right WORKING HOME. NO pet homes!

Purebred Spanish Mastiff Cinco Deseos Ranch Gwangi is For Sale

Gwangi above, showing great promise at just 6 weeks of age in my heifers. Bold, fearless, calm.

This is a rare opportunity and the last shot at getting this exact cross as Gwangi's mother passed away last year. Gwangi is a great combination of two top tier working Spanish bloodlines and has an International World Champion in her lineage (Furiano's sire, Int. Ch. Baruc de Puerto Canencia.)  She has been immersed in pack life with sheep and cattle from birth. It is her you see in the video above as a tiny 6 week old pup boldly striding into the barn stall to see my heifers. She is a very bright, assertive, hard charging girl with a tough, strong work ethic. She is intensely protective of property and stock. She’s a go-getter.

Both parents have impeccable work ethic. Furiano has sired several litters here over the years of top quality working Spanish Mastiffs and Gwangi has siblings working all over the country. In terms of typical Spanish Mastiff type and character, Gwangi is very active; although both parents are huge – her sire Furiano is 38” tall and her late mother weighed 210 pounds or more – Gwangi is much lighter and very agile and athletic.  Gwangi can be intense in demeanor. She does not miss anything and is regularly the first to alert along with the senior dogs in the pack. If she were not so young, she’d be in the upper echelon of the pack hierarchy here. She won't back down in a scrap. She inherited her mother’s serious personality and is less magnanimous or forgiving than her father. She’s safe to be around and handle, and has been raised by hand from birth. She’s been socialized with people although I don’t have a lot of visitors here. She is somewhat standoffish. Once she sees I am okay with someone, she is, too. She can be led on a leash. As is typical of the breed, she is not a "push button" response dog and will often think about whether she wants to or needs to obey a command. She is trustworthy, going and broke to guard sheep and cattle. She must go to an experienced, mature, responsible owner who is confident in their handling of large independent thinking LGDs.  I personally feel should could transition well into a medium sized hobby farm or a larger commercial operation who practices hands on, responsible management of their LGDs (i.e., absolutely no one who is "hands off" with their dogs will be considered.)

As for her assimilating into an established pack, it would be paramount that the new owner was capable enough to effect this transition in an intelligent and patient way. I will be available of course, for guidance and suggestions. But the owner must have enough experience, smarts and the wherewithal to bring her into an established pack on their own if that is the case. I can discuss this more with potential owners over the phone.

Gwangi is intact, fertile, and has never been bred. The unusually warm and dry weather pattern this winter in Northern Nevada caused my females to begin their heat cycles much earlier than normal or expected. Unfortunately, because of this, combined with family health issues in addition to my own heart related health issues, we were not able to arrange and complete the long-planned AI of her this spring with a purebred imported male. I also was not able to get her hips OFA certified as was planned; this combined with the fact that I don't own a purebred SM male here that I can breed to her - I had to make a choice. She moves perfectly and I am sure will show excellent hips and elbows if the new owner chooses to certify her, and they should if they are going to breed her. She is of able breeding age and carries the best working bloodlines from serious working dogs. I would be supportive of someone breeding her as long as it was only to a quality working purebred Spanish Mastiff male. Because of my health, and as my pack ages, I'm cutting back on breeding my dogs and focusing on getting my LGD book done. Again, when we were not able to get her bred this winter, I had to make a tough choice. I feel while she is young, she needs to go to a qualified working home that will appreciate her outstanding bloodlines and if they do decide to breed her, do in a responsible manner.

Gwangi will be vet-checked prior to leaving, UTD on all vaccinations and de-worming. She is priced at $1500.  Sorry, absolutely NO SHIPPING. The owner will be required to come to my ranch to transport Gwangi home. Plan on staying here a day to get to know her, meet the rest of my pack and get hours of advice, tips and information from me to help you and Gwangi both transition. Winnemucca has many affordable, clean, safe motels that are only 20 minutes from my ranch. If you are coming from a distance, plan on staying the night and leaving the next morning for home with Gwangi.

Application is required and must include photos of prospective owners, home/ranch/farm, the fencing (this is most important), and livestock. Two nearby people/friends, i.e. neighbors, must be listed for references. References WILL be checked. Mature, serious inquiries who show that they’ve read and digested what is on the application and who have read the description above - only - will be responded to. The top three applicants will be talked to at length over the phone before I decide who is the best home for Gwangi. Expect to be asked many questions over the phone. Upon agreement of both parties, $1,500 is due up front or if it will be a week or more before you can come get her, $1,000 is due at the time of commitment, balance of $500 due one weekprior to her leaving. Anyone backing out of the sale forfeits all monies. Please contemplate on this seriously as it is a big commitment - as is any LGD. Please use my Contact Us page or E-mail to for an application.



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