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I take a day or two to review your answers then we set day and time best for us both to have phone discussion.

We spend at least 30 minutes on the phone with follow up phone calls if needed and E mails / reading material / resources.  You get your money's worth!

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More extensive long-term training, expert witness work and consulting available, please inquire as to pricing and details

As the popularity of LGDs has exploded in the past few years, so have the overnight "armchair experts" coming out of the woodwork, who weren't anywhere to be heard from or seen only two or three years ago, and who now flood Facebook and Internet forums with some of the worst advice you can find.  Sadly, people looking for help with their Livestock Guardian Dog questions often do not think before blindly taking advice from these less than credible sources, and pay dearly for it later.  Sometimes the dog or issue can be salvaged but many times, after taking bad advice and following bad practices, the damage done to the dog is irreversible or only corrected with much time and effort.

An LGD is a huge commitment and the good ones do not come cheap or quick or easy from unethical or bad breeders.  Don't make your LGD pay for your lack of knowledge or discretion or your bad choice in breeders. 

If you are going to own and use Livestock Guardian Dogs, how about doing it right, with the dog's best interest in mind, so you have a solid working relationship with your flock protector - instead of a train wreck?  In other words, choose your mentors, breeder and teachers wisely.    Or pay for it later.

If you bought a puppy or dog from a breeder who disappeared as soon as your check cleared, and you now desperately need guidance and help with issues that are coming up, please consider using my consulting service.

I have a strong and proven track record of breeding and raising and training top Livestock Guardian Dogs that are working all over the country, and have been featured in film and in print.   Read my "ABOUT US" PAGE.  I was retained in a high profile legal case in another state as an Expert Witness on LGD related matters.  I was under contract most of 2015 with American Sheep Industry owned companies to develop the Working Dog Liability Insurance Program, and authored two Loss Prevention Manuals for them.  Since the 1980's I've been a published non-fiction author who's works and papers regularly appear in many agriculture related magazines.  In other words, "I walk the walk" and don't just talk.  I have years of experience living with a huge pack of LGDs full time, and enjoy sharing what these dogs have taught me, with others.   I recognize that most problems can be solved if approached the correct way, with patience and commitment and an open mind.  Ultimately most "dog issues" are actually "people issues" or a lack of understanding on the owner's part that usually can be corrected and re-directed for a positive experience.

I've helped many consulting clients make decisions, correct problems and deepen their understanding and ownership abilities with their LGDs.  You too can have a positive and enjoyable working relationship with your Livestock Guardian Dogs by following the right advice and being open to guidance. 

Some of the few examples of what I have done in terms of helping others have included:

Puppy chasing or worrying livestock

Establishing trust and confidence with an LGD

Solving escape/fence jumping/digging out issues

Turning around feral LGDs to become trusted & safe guardians

LGD breed choice, selection advice and guidance

Excess barking (or perceived excess barking) problems

LGD pack conflict resolution

Food aggression issues

Owner's lack of understanding what is going on

Do you really need an LGD or not

Rescue/adoption or buy from an LGD breeder

LGDs and poultry issues and challenges

Rearing up LGDs and cattle

LGDs in wolf country

And much more.....

Ultimately you must ask yourself: how important is it to you, your livestock, poultry and/or operation, to do this right and successfully? 

Is your time valuable? 

Of course it is.  It is too valuable, in fact, to be wasting hours, days and weeks surfing the Internet's often terribly wrong and at times misguided information, promoted by armchair experts, looking for the answer that you just want to hear, instead of hearing the answer that is really best for your dog and you and your livestock!   What you really need to be doing instead of relying on dubious Facebook LGD forums being ramrodded by highly questionable sources lacking any known credibility or expertise with LGDs,  is relying instead, on an honest, credible, proven source for your information and guidance - a person who is dedicated to helping people understand these great dogs and who has a track record that can be proven - not guessed at.

That source can be me, if you choose, and I look forward to helping you and your dog soon, as I have been able to for so many others.

Brenda M. Negri

Winnemucca, Nevada

Read a blog post about a Livestock Guardian Dog success story - a consultation client who wrote me about the great progress and success she was able to achieve with my suggestions and guidance,here

The photos you see below are just a few of the many, many articles I have either written for various publications or that were written about my ranch and LGD operation. I have also been retained as an expert witness on a large high profile case involving LGDs.  I was hired by the American Sheep Industry owned companies to also create and implement the Working Dog Liabiliy Insurance program and wrote two Loss Prevention Manuals for it, promoting the RESPONSIBLE OWNERSHIP AND USE of Livestock Guardian Dogs.


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Livestock Guardian Dogs


NON LETHAL PREDATOR CONTROL: I believe in and promote the use of Livestock Guardian Dogs along with other methods for effecting and promoting co-existence with wolves, coyotes, lion, bears and other apex predators.  I'm proud to be a supporter of and affiliated with a board member of Living With Wolves.  People and Carnivores and Conservation Mediaput together this wonderful short multi-award nominated film, left,  on the benefits of using LGDs and learning to live side by side with predators, part of which was filmed on my ranch and features my dogs.   Enjoy!