I offer a consulting service for those who have not been able to obtain support from the breeder they bought their dog from, or, have encountered unique or complex LGD behavioral or training issues, have extensive breed questions, beginning puppy training challenges, questions about running siblings (my specialty), gender questions, escape problems, pack integration questions and / or issues, and more, that they are unable to solve. That and/or the breeder they bought their pup from can't figure out. It is a regular occurrence in this day of fad LGD breeding gone amok and here today, gone tomorrow LGD breeders. Thankfully for you, I offer help. SOUND help - not just rehashed arm chair speculation.

My service is NOT free - because of the huge volume of queries I get, there is only so much of me to go around and my time is valuable. Therefore, I do charge a minimal fee for those who are not existing dog customers of mine.

In my opinion, social media is to blame for most of the problems owners have today with LGDs. Fake accounts, armchair experts and ego laden "experts" dole out bad advice and banal, shallow discourse from competing posters who all think they have to be right, or the only one who knows what they are doing, has turned most Facebook LGD groups into quagmires of off the wall speculation and bad management promotion. I honestly cannot see why people stay in them when there are such better, more reputable and honest options. I have a proven track record of not only raising and training great dogs for nearly a decade, but helping not only my many customers but others, to have fulfilling relationships with these unique working dogs. Trusting dubious sources like those on Facebook will get you what you paid for: pretty much nothing. You and your LGD will pay for it in the end.

I want you to succeed by understanding these dogs better and using them appropriately. And, you can! It takes work and commitment. If you are serious, you can start now.

$40 payable via Pay Pal.

A Pay Pal button for your convenience is located below. Credit cards also accepted via Pay Pal.

You're sent a questionnaire to help me get to know you, your dog, and your specific issue(s), and then we schedule a phone conference. That's often followed up with reading material for you, more E-mails and phone talks if needed. I'm happy to say many people have leaned on me for support and have been able to gain more insight into better using and living with their dogs.

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