Self-taught writer, Internationally published author and rancher Brenda M. Negri comes from a varied background that includes doing investigative work for a PI, performing Opposition Research on nationwide political campaigns and assisting federal law enforcement on large political corruption probes; training ranch horses; dispatching for the California Highway Patrol and in her youth, earning a living horseback as a working buckaroo on several huge cattle and sheep ranch operations in the 1970’s and 1980’s in Nevada, California, Oregon and Idaho. It was then she was first exposed to Livestock Guardian Dogs used by Basque sheepherders who would pass through the ranches she worked on with their huge bands of sheep.

Working for and living with the renowned Nevada, California and Idaho based Marvel Ranches family cattle and sheep ranching dynasty, she spent time with world famous horse trainer Tom Dorrance. His teachings, along with the Marvel’s Dorrance based training methods, deeply influenced her methods of working with horses and eventually, Livestock Guardian Dogs. Negri is a devotee of European dog authority and trainer Turid Rugaas. She was the first in the American LGD community to advocate the study and use of Rugaas' work and theories in use with Livestock Guardian Dogs. She promotes the understanding and use of canine body language to further enhance human and dog relationships and is a staunch supporter of the compassionate use of these dogs. Negri practices and advocates co-existence with predators and supports organizations such as Living With Wolves and Project Coyote.
Negri’s numerous published articles and papers have been in print almost 40 years. Her freelance articles on working Catahoula Leopard Dogs; the desolate and tough ranch life of big outfit buckaroos and numerous articles on Livestock Guardian Dogs, have been published internationally in Dog World Magazine, El Mundo del Perro (Spain), Western Horseman, Molosser Magazin (Germany), Sheep!, Western Ag Reporter, Acres USA, Dairy Goat Journal, Goat Rancher, The Shepherd, Working Ranch Magazine, Countryside and Small Stock Journal, Backyard Poultry, RANGE Magazine, Nevada Rancher, On Pasture, Farm Show, Western Ag Reporter, Akbash Sentinel, Goat Journal and others. Several papers she authored on LGD training and dog pack dynamics were included in the 2016 French published book on Great Pyrenees by French LGD expert Mathieu Mauries, Le Montagne des Pyrenees. She writes regularly for the Countryside Network family of magazines and many other agriculture-based periodicals and quarterlies.

Her ranch and dog operation has been featured in profile articles in RANGE Magazine and The Nevada Rancher.  Her dogs were featured in an award-nominated 2012 short film, Working on Common Ground: Livestock Guardian Dogs, produced by Conservation Media and People and Carnivores. To date, it remains the most watched film on LGDs ever produced. Her dogs and training methods are featured in three extremely popular 2017 produced Dogumentary TV specials featuring her Spanish Mastiffs, Pyrenean Mastiffs, Great Pyrenees, and Negri's LGD rearing and training practices behind her book in progress, The Way of The Pack: Understanding and Living With Livestock Guardian Dogs.

Negri served as a consultant to the American Sheep Industry owned Working Dog Liability Insurance program (, was responsible for writing it’s Loss Prevention Manuals and assisted in creating and implementing the groundbreaking program in 2015 and 2016. She has served as an expert witness on a high profile trial in Oregon involving Livestock Guardian Dogs.

Negri, 62, is a proud grandmother, is semi-retired and resides along with a variety of livestock and LGDs on her five-acre ranch in the high desert of Northern Nevada, approximately ten miles outside of Winnemucca. Negri runs a successful Livestock Guardian Dog consulting service helping people solve their LGD training issues and helping them understand their dogs for a productive relationship.She is proud to be the only legally licensed and permitted breeder of purebred Spanish Mastiffs and Pyrenean Mastiffs in Nevada. Due to declining health, she has cut back on her LGD breeding operation to focus on writing her book, The Way of The Pack, and helping others use and understand LGDs successfully.

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