Cinco Deseos Ranch
        Livestock Guardian Dogs

Brenda M. Negri
Cinco Deseos Ranch LGD's
80 Youngberg Road
Winnemucca, Nevada
USA 89445


 (775) 931-0038

Nevada Business License
Pershing County Permit #102
Pershing County Lic. 006200

Spanish Mastiffs, Pyrenean Mastiffs
& Livestock Guardian Dog Crosses

Raising Working Dogs Since the Early 1980s - LGDs Since 2009
Your Trusted Source for the Best in Proven
Non-Lethal Predator Control and Livestock Protection
The Premier Breeder of Working Spanish Mastiffs in America
- the only source for the world famous Abelgas Bloodlines in the USA

Gregorio Fidalgo Tejedor of Abelgas in Spain
Guido de Abelgas, sire of my girls Minea and Crisa de Abelgas

My unique and ground-breaking way of raising and training LGDs 

is revolutionizing the way people think about, use, train and live with LGDs.
Find out for yourself why Cinco Deseos Ranch LGDs
are consistently at the head of the pack! 
Working in 20 States and two Canadian Provinces.


Straight and Strong and True.
Beautiful, rock solid, trustworthy, healthy dogs with sound minds.
Dependable guardians from the best imported bloodlines.
Unique Pack Raised consistency in every litter, breed and cross.
In the pasture, on the ranch, on estates, in homes, or providing crisis response and specialized therapy: those who demand the best, refuse to settle for anything less than a pup or dog from Cinco Deseos Ranch.

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Cinco Deseos Ranch Livestock Guardian Dogs

Watch the Conservation Media film
Livestock Guardian Dogs:
Working on Common Ground

This wonderful short film by Conservation Media and People and Carnivores
promotes co-existence with predators, and running LGDs in the right numbers.
My dogs are featured in the film.

"The Tree Stump" from the 1953 film Shane

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