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Since 2009, before anyone was talking about running LGDs in the correct numbers, Cinco Deseos Ranch was practically the lone voice in the wilderness regularly advocating pack rearing of LGD pups, and running LGDs in a pack, and using the right breeds for each situation.  I am always promoting the many benefits of dog pack dynamics in the rearing of puppies, a practice that consistently produces highly advanced, confident, stable minded pups. I write extensively about running LGDs in the right numbers and how to better understand dog communication and psychology, pack dynamics, pack conflict resolution and LGD pack psychology.  Since I began, I have promoted regular and consistent socialization and handling of these dogs - giving them the respect they deserve, striving to understand them - and working with them as a team.  Finally, from Day One I have been an advocate and champion of running LGD SIBLING PAIRS AND TRIOS, and my customers have followed suit with sibling success. You can too!

My Google+ page has passed one million hits, and is another page I update with info and photos of my Livestock Guardian Dog pack - check it out.

Cinco Deseos  Ranch

Livestock Guardian Dogs

My dogs and their progeny are now working in 80% of the USA and in two Canadian Provinces.  THERE'S A REASON WHY. I was the first and only American to be allowed to import the famous Abelgas bloodlines here from Spain.  My Pyrenean Mastiffs are renowned for their working ability and health.  The Spanish Mastiff bloodlines I have imported and owned over the years have included Abelgas, Puerto Canencia, Tornado Erben, Lu Dareva, Dartibo and Viejo Paramo.  My Pyrenean Mastiff import lines include Farma Stekot and Alto Aragon.  The countries I have imported brood stock from over the years include Spain, Czech Republic, Poland and Italy.  Lifetime breeder support, health and work guarantees, and pups who are uniquely pack raised are just some of the benefits included with Cinco Deseos Ranch puppies and dogs.  No matter what the breed is, you'll be getting the best. I have numerous references I can gladly provide potential customers once they complete my application process in full.

Pack raised, beautiful, rock solid, trustworthy, healthy and confident dogs with sound, keen minds and safe, stable temperaments. Dependable guardians from the best imported working bloodlines in Spain and other European countries.  Successfully guarding sheep, cattle, goats, swine, fowl, property and people... In the pasture, on the ranch, on prestigious estates and huge commercial cattle and sheep outfits; small family hobby farms and homesteads; wine vineyards, in homes, or providing specialized crisis emergency response and certified therapy, Cinco Deseos Ranch pups and dogs are continually proving their incredible flexibility, intelligence, depth, guarding instinct, stable temperaments and courage.



SINCE 2009


Since 2009 - The Finest pack raised

Spanish Mastiff & Pyrenean Mastiff

Livestock Guardian Dogs

 Promoting co-existence with predators

and advocating the use of non-lethal means to protect livestock

Home of "the way of the pack": 

humane, holistic & compassionate training methods, rearing and use of lgds

with a strong focus on the use and understanding of canine body language