Updated 6/18/2018

Here are the links to the Dogumentary TV videos:

Spanish Mastiff is here.

The Way of the Pack/Brenda Negri is here.

Great Pyrenees and Pyrenean Mastiff is here.

Multi-award nominated Conservation Media and People and Carnivore's Working on Common Ground: Livestock Guardian Dogs is here. My dogs and pups are featured.

The four videos below, on You Tube, feature my pack of LGDs and my rearing and training philosophies which are based on co-existence with predators, and The Way of The Pack: a way of living with and using these dogs based on compassion, patience, respect, trust and consistency.

Cinco Deseos Ranch Livestock Guardian Dogs

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Coming Later this Year: My book, 

The Way of The Pack: Understanding and Living With Livestock Guardian Dogs