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Brenda M. Negri
Cinco Deseos Ranch LGD's
80 Youngberg Road
Winnemucca, Nevada
USA 89445

 Nevada Business License

Please fill out & E mail Puppy Application BEFORE calling.

 (775) 931-0038

Visitors gladly welcome to see my dogs and my operation by advance appointment only.  
Please call or write.

American Sheep Industry, Nevada Farm Bureau, Nevada Cattlemen's Association, Nevada Woolgrowers Association

Spanish Mastiffs,
Pyrenean Mastiffs
& Livestock Guardian Dog Crosses

Your Trusted Source for the Best in Proven
Non-Lethal Predator Control

Proven & Reliable:
My LGD's are successfully working in 15 States
and two Canadian Provinces.

 Imported QUALITY Bloodlines from Europe
Pack Raised With Sheep, Cattle & Goats

Socialized & Handled - Health & Work Guarantees
100% Breeder Support for the Life of Your Pup

Excellent References & Many Repeat Customers
Integrity, Compassion, Transparency & Honesty in Breeding

See "News and Happenings" Page for more details
Taking applications now for upcoming litters

Agostin, a yearling Spanish Mastiff male
from the "A" Litter of Furiano Puerto Canencia x Zaca Tornado Erben
"Auggie" and his beautiful sister Argenta are owned by Sandy Elmore in MT


 The April/May issue of Working Ranch Magazine
is online now!
Be sure and read the new article on LGD's and cattle

Dogged Dedication
by Editor Tim O'Byrne and myself.  Enjoy...

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Cinco Deseos Ranch Livestock Guardian Dogs

This wonderful short film by Conservation Media and People and Carnivores, not only promotes co-existence with predators, it shows the many advantages of running different breeds of LGD's together in the right numbers, and the safety advantages of raising and running socialized, handled LGDs over those who are not handled or touched.  My dogs are featured in the film.

So what is the definition of an (honest) and
transparent dog breeder?  Read my updated
Spanish Mastiff blog here and find out.

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