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Brenda M. Negri
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80 Youngberg Road
Winnemucca, Nevada
USA 89445

Please fill out & E mail Puppy Application BEFORE calling.

 (775) 931-0038

Nevada Business License
Pershing County Permit #102
Pershing County Lic. 006200

Visitors welcome with advance appointment.  You MUST complete and submit a puppy application first.

Spanish Mastiffs,
Pyrenean Mastiffs
& Livestock Guardian Dog Crosses

Raising Working Dogs Since the Early 1980s - LGD Since 2009
Your Trusted Source for the Best in Proven
Non-Lethal Predator Control and Livestock Protection

My LGD's are successfully working
in 16 States and two Canadian Provinces.

Like wolves, my dogs live in a large family pack.  Intact males/females live and mingle with litters of pups.  The advanced nature of pups who are raised like this can't be compared to anything else.


Ranch Raised in a Large Pack (20 dogs) With Sheep, Cattle & Goats
Healthy, Socialized & Handled - Health & Work Guarantees
100% Breeder Support for the Life of Your Pup

Excellent References & Many Repeat Customers

Integrity, Compassion, Transparency & Honesty in Breeding
Proven Credibility and Experience

Whelped September 3/4, 2014
1 Week Old
Pyrenean Mastiff "E" Litter
Now Accepting Reservations


Zaca Tornado Erben is in heat and will be bred
to Furiano de Puerto Canencia, a repeat of Litter "A"
that produced above pups Agostin and Argenta
Several puppies already spoken for from this litter!

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My Spanish Mastiff Blog has been updated 8/20/14

Watch the Conservation Media film
Livestock Guardian Dogs:
Working on Common Ground

This wonderful short film by Conservation Media and People and Carnivores, not only promotes co-existence with predators, it shows the many advantages of running different breeds of LGD's together in the right numbers, and the safety advantages of raising and running socialized, handled LGDs over those who are not handled or touched.  My dogs are featured in the film

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